We all have a Levi’s story, often remembering our first pair of jeans, how we met our boyfriends wearing Levi’s or how you went on the perfect road trip. I totally remember my first Levi’s, it was a good ol’ trusted 501, the 501 became for me an individual expression as it went with me trough many creatives stages, the jeans saw many “do it yourself’s” like bleach, embellishments, studs, slashes and finally it made the perfect cut-off shorts. My Levi’s have always been the perfect canvas for creativity and DIY’s and are always perfect for looks since they go equally good in laid-back outfits sporting a tee and sneakers or fancy tops and heels.

I love Levi’s new Live in Levi’s® campaign where you can share your Levi’s story through social channels and hope you will share your story like me with the hashtag #liveinlevis and @levis_netherlands! xoxo

liveinlevis-2 liveinlevis-3 liveinlevis-4 liveinlevis-5 liveinlevis-6 liveinlevis-7 liveinlevis-8 liveinlevis-9 liveinlevis-10

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  1. Fancy Melody
    October 3, 2014 at 9:45 pm (5 years ago)

    Such great outfit, Levi’s jeans are always a must have!


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