I love tissue garlands, I love them for Weddings, I love them for Birthdays, I love them for Valentines, I love them all year round! The tissue garlands are one of the easiest DIY’s to make if not the easiest as long as you get your hands on some tissue paper 😉 The color variations are endless although it does seem most use pastels and metallics only. I imagine a Valentines garland being an exiting mash up of different reds, with maybe even a hot pink and a metallic! The queen bees in the world of tissue tassels are the Confetti System ( a must shop for when you want the most perfect paper tassel garlands, confettis, pinatas and other magazine and big event worthy paper decorations and Geronimo Balloons for those perfect big giant (custom made or wedding kit) balloons with tassel streamers! Of course.. and to get to the point of this blog post… there are some amazing DIY tutorials too 😉 These below are my favorite tutorials! (I personally love the Martha Steward video, you can use scissors instead of the machine) xoxo

1) DIY Paper Tassel Garland by the wedding scoop

2) Tissue Tassel Garland by Hostess with the Mostess Blog

3) DIY Sparkly Balloon Streamers by Blue Eyed Yonder

4) How to make a Tassel Garland by Martha Steward Video

photos via;, Confetti System, the wedding scoop, Hostess with the MostessBlue Eyed YonderGreen Wedding Shoes

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