Today’s (or better said this week’s) 5 Things I Love is all about weddings of course (I mean, how can I not be all lovey dovey and wedding/ elope infused right now 😉 I have so many photos to show and so much to tell but you will have to wait a few days 😉 For now; the 5 things that are super on my mind right now (besides Joey of course):

1) Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings

One of my favorite cocorosa posts; the Top 10 Fashion Blogger Weddings! (Doesn’t this Top 10 just make you want to elope?)


2) Style Me Pretty  

Style me Pretty (the website or book) is such a must (imo) here is where I got my very very last minute ideas and inspiration from (3 days) for my elopement wedding (little diy’s and photography!


3) ANTROPOLOGIE Wedding & Bridal Gift Registry 

Seriously I would love to register like .. uhm … everything in Anthropologie! Can I? I guess I miss out on the whole gift registering with the elopement, plus I think it’s a very American and not so much European thing (than again Joey IS American), still.. I like to sniffle through these wedding registers and .. well “Dream big” instead of “Wish big” a thing I found out; some stores offer discounts, little gifts and other fun perks registering with them!



Seriously.. this is such a gorgeous Bridal destination! (I love all the decor things, the wedding trinkets like cake toppers If I had a planned wedding I would have gone to one of the BHLDN stores for sure!


5) Wedding Favors

I love these personalized matches so much! I seriously want to make them anyway! We planned a little family wedding gathering for the weekend (Joey’s family since mine are in Europe) and I’m so sad these would be too late bc the cuteness is just epic!

10 Comments on 5 Things I Love

  1. Rena
    March 9, 2015 at 6:18 pm (5 years ago)

    Many thanks for the wonderful links! I’m still married but nevertheless I’m looking forward to read this obviously lovely pages 🙂
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  2. Tammy Brown
    March 22, 2015 at 6:08 am (5 years ago)

    Lovely information for wedding planning. This 5 photo are amazing. Can’t wait for more. Wedding gift is just so warm for the guest. Thanks 🙂


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