Welcoming our puppy Mina into our home meant getting the apartment puppy proof and dog ready! This means shopping of course! Besides a crate, food, collar, leash and all other doggy necessaries I have been on the prowl for fancy home decor pet design bins, tins, blankets and toys. And I got lucky! I found the light blue “Harry Barker” Dog Food tin for $14 at Homegoods as well as the pink bone printed fleece blanket! Things I left at Homegoods (and now regret not buying) are a juicy couture Ikat printed dog leash, more blue bins and tins from the same series and a super cute dog bed! (btw they have amazing Cat goodies too. I might go back to Homegoods for some more doggy design shopping tomorrow especially after seeing the Harry Barker website and the original prices! Also… someone outgrow her blue Carebear t-shirt.. -___- yes, you Mina! I guess I can gift it to one of her puppy buddies in her puppy class.

Also I love the cookie treats from Petco and Miss Mina loves them too! She gets little treats for training and I give her these as special treats for when she has been alone a bit or for when she has to go in her crate. xoxo

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