I love everything Versailles (like many) the rich gold embellishments, antique furniture, the blue room! Movies like Marie Antoinette and the new Cinderella movie make me want to redo my home and give vintage and old furniture antique looking make-overs! It’s hard to find the rich embellishments on furniture and frames but thanks to craft stores like Michaels you can glue pre-made wooden decor appliques on existing furniture or work with Martha Stewart’s decor stencils for an rich embellished look. Another not to be missed product is the Chalky Finish decor paint (what I used today) There are the Americana Decor paints and waxes and the Martha Stewart Vintage Decor paints.

I tested out the Chalky Decor paint on a cheap white plastic 3 in 1 photo frame (I liked the embellished frames but the cheap white plastic not so much)  I used Americana Chalky paint in 2 colors, gold wax and 2 brushes. The paint is known for amazing use while sanding or rubbing in wet layers (to get perfect, subtle smooth vintage and antique effects) but I (as a beginner) was still too clumsy to do so! Instead I worked in 2 rough layers and fine tuned with the wax for a rough (I call it the Monet approach) but oh so perfect finish!

I used: Americana decor Chalky Finish Serene, Americana decor Chalky Finish Lace, DecorArt Metallic Lustre wax in gold rush, 2 Bristle Paint Brushes, I used Craftsmart brushes 1 and 2, Bowl and Cotton balls

1) First Layer

Give the whole object a rough layer of the blue color “Serene”, I used the smaller no. 1 brush.

2) Second Layer with a big dry brush

The paint dries very fast and I used the big no. 2 brush to roughly paint over the blue layer in fast streaks with the off-white color “Lace” use a dry brush!! The first blue layer will peek through the off-white paint 😉

3) Fine tuning with Wax

I used the wax with the cotton balls, just dipped the cotton balls a bit in the wax and used it to rub over the places I wanted “highlighted”


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    June 12, 2020 at 11:14 am (4 weeks ago)

    I’m going to bookmark your blog because I want to get more knowledge.


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