Last weekend I posted some of my favorite Gold Tutorials found on Pinterest and one of them was a tutorial on a gold foiled clipboard used as wall art by My Fabulous Life. The clipboard has been lingering on my mind this whole week, it’s easy to buy and transform into a wall art frame, only thing left is what print to clip on ūüėČ I love Etsy for finding cute and cozy prints and printables and the prices for the art works are not too bad ranging from $5 to $11! My favorites are the water color gemstones (I still haven’t made up my mind on buying the Amethyst or Ruby print) and the little Star/Night quotes (so adorable it hurts) I’m a bit nervous of how the print will look printed at home on regular paper though! Has any of you guys already been using Printables? and what kind of paper did you print it on for a nice quality?¬†xoxo

1) California Printable by Blue Pear Designs at $5.00

2) Paris is always a good idea (non printable) at The love shop $11

3) Ruby Printable by PrintableWisdom at $5.00

4) Amethyst Printable by PrintableWisdom at $5.00

5) New York print (non printable) by ArmadaSupplyco at $10

6) Think happy thoughts printable by by Two Brushes Designs at $5.00

7) Tres Chic Printable by MOJAgraphics at $6.23

8) Not all who wander are lost by MOJAgraphics at $6.23

9) Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Printable by Two Brushes Designs at $5.00

10) I have loved the stars Printable by Printable Wall Story at $5.00

4 Comments on 10 Etsy Wall Art Prints that will cozy up any home

  1. Scarlett Jones
    May 29, 2015 at 11:11 am (5 years ago)

    Those are so nice =)
    Lately, I was looking for a picture for my wall and just found the perfect one! Thanks a lot for sharing ^_^


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