The last few weeks have been (off and on) super cold and with temperatures well below freezing I often leave the house looking like a human scarf burrito. But even with 1000 layers I’m still battling dry, cracking, icky, uncomfortable Winter skin. My hands are by far the worst and I protect them as much as possible by wearing gloves (taking out and opening doggy poop bags are almost impossible with gloves btw) and vaseline. My face… well that’s another story, my skin is so needy in the Winter so I have been trying out a few new products to keep my skin looking great. Mostly the trick for me has been to use extra intensive moisturizers (I like to call them fat creams) together with an overnight treatment. (I have been using an overnight treatment that I absolutely love and will write about soon)

This is part 2 in my Korean Skincare review from the online Korean Cosmetics shop Q-Depot. (last week I already reviewed 2 products here) Today I’m reviewing the NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream and the NoTS 28 Remedy Intensive Serum.


NoTS 28 Remedy Repair Cream

I have been using the Repair Cream as a moisturizer for almost 28 day’s and I love that it is a thicker smooth cream (for some this cream might be too much but for my dry skin it’s perfect) The cream is perfect for my sensitive skin too. The only thing I don’t like very much is the scent, I can’t put my finger on it but it’s a earthy somewhat minty scent. Overall I’m very pleased with this cream, it leaves my skin looking absolutely healthy and great and it’s def in my top 5 favorite skin creams!

NoTS 28 Remedy Intensive Serum

I’m pretty new to using serums, I often only use them if I get them as a sample or gifted. (I really loved the YSL serum but it was too pricey to replace after I ran out) This serum is okay, remember I’m normally not a serum girl, mostly this serum makes it easier to apply make-up after using the super creamy Repair Cream and I feel it tightens up my skin a bit when I use it. I love to use it but I don’t think I will buy it after I run out, mostly because I still don’t quite understand the use of serums.

Overall I really love Korean beauty products so far and can’t wait to try out more! xoxo

NoTS-3 NoTS-4 NoTS-5

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