A few weeks back I was asked by Q-Depot (a Korean cosmetics online shop) if I was interested in doing a review of their products. The answer was a YES! A big fat YES! I had noticed a lot of Korean Skincare products and Korean Makeup in trendy stores and read about it in magazines, so I got super curious. Korean Skincare is a trend and I wanted to know why plus my skin could definitely use a boost and a new routine!

I have a very sensitive, aging skin with light (but still annoying and noticeable without make up) inflammation/break outs on my cheeks. My skin tends to be dry and somewhat rough (thanks to aging) and is easily irritated. Often make-up doesn’t look as good as it should, looking a bit cakey. When I received my box with Korean beauty products from NoTS I got super excited to see that I had received a full regime of skincare! Yay! In this post I will first review 2 of the products, the ones responsible for cleaning and toning before I move on to the other products in another post in a few days.


NoTS 28 REMEDY Acne Pore Deep Cleanser

I’m always a bit nervous when trying new cleansers because my skin is so sensitive causing a lot of products to sting, leaving my face uncomfortable and red. I mostly end up using cleansers that are so gentle that they hardly rinse off make-up and don’t tackle break-outs.

I ended up being so pleasantly surprised by this product! For me, NoTS really delivered a deep cleanser, it foams up super nice and takes off make-up easy. I have been using this cleanser for about 2 weeks now and can see a difference of the inflammation/break outs on my cheeks! It became far less and I’m hoping with another 2/3 weeks it will be cleared out almost completely! I would love to keep on using this product as a spot cleaner, just for the areas like my cheeks that need something extra and a deeper rinse.


NoTS 28 REMEDY Balancing Toner

I have never been much of a Toner user, part of it is that I’m lazy when it comes to a beauty regime and part of it is because they leave my skin feeling dry/tight. I love this Toner even though I have not been using it every day, more like every two days. I have this thing that I feel a massive gratification when I wipe the cottonball with Toner over my face and see dirt hahaha. The Toner is to Calm and Clarify oily acneic skin, so maybe it’s not the most needed product for my skin. I feel it does clear away dirt and it does leave my skin calm.


Next up (in a few days) I will review the repair cream and intensive serum by NoTS.

ps. on my forehead you can see with what I mean by “rougher” aging skin. It bugs the hell out of me!

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