For me vacation is a time to relax, snooze in the sun, catch waves, ooze at magnificent views and architecture, sip drinks and taste the most delicious food and have fun, lots of fun. I’ve partnered with American Express Travel to celebrate the people behind the scenes, the people in the travel industry that make vacations so wonderful by going above and beyond for amazing experiences. They are the ones that provide the best comfort, stays, tours and even help with the simple little things. This post is dedicated to the Journeymakers that made my vacation in Italy so magical.

One of my favorite vacations was a road trip in Sicily a few years back. In a little over a week we toured some amazing locations, cities and villages on this tiny Italian island. We met some amazing people during this trip that really deserve our thanks for making this journey so amazing because without them all these magical views and photos would not be possible! These are some of the people that we met and that I really want to thank.


The person renting us a car

Our road trip and Italian adventure really began with our rental car, we had rented a car online to be picked up at the airport but upon arrival the car was way bigger than we were comfortable driving with on the narrow Italian roads. The rental agent, despite not having any obligation to and being so busy with the lines full of other tourists had been working non stop in the heat and yet got us a smaller rental and even a discount for our troubles in no time! He made our vacation much more relaxing and comfortable (I still shiver at the thought of driving anything bigger than we did). We really couldn’t have thanked him enough!


The waiter giving us directions on a napkin

I feel so grateful for the amazing people that staffed our hotel in Erice. All of them were really wonderful! A waiter that brought us our morning cappuccinos totally made our day with his vibrant, upbeat personality and flirty jokes. He also went above and beyond to show us where we could find the most mystical and jaw dropping views and drew us the best directions ever on a simple napkin.


The receptionist who helped me to get online

I was in the lobby of our Hotel in Selinunte working on a quick blog post right before we were about to go out for these photos but I was having connection problems. No matter what I tried I couldn’t get on the wifi and I was ready to give up on our photo shoot when our receptionist (who had seen me struggling) went out of her way to help me by creating a personal hotspot so I could post my content. Thanks to her we were right in time for perfect light and beautiful photos! These little acts of kindness are the things that really make a vacation special for me. These people are the people in the background who go unnoticed by most, but thanks to American Express Travel they are finally getting some well deserved recognition.


A wonderful Bed and Breakfast host

In Modica we were staying in one of the most amazing Bed & Breakfasts I have ever been in. Our hostess was a middle aged lady who was so sweet and welcoming and truly transformed her home into the most amazing guest house ever. Her flowering garden was absolutely gorgeous, she had created a little terrace surrounded by lush plants and potted trees and the bedrooms were taken care of in the finest details. But the most amazing thing was probably her amazing breakfast, a festive feast full of the local breads, pastries, cakes, pies, fruits and the famously local chocolate on delicate dishes and fine plates, it looked so beautiful. She really went above and beyond to help us experience her Italian culture in all its beauty and glory and enjoy the taste of the local delicacies during our stay. This stay and the amazing warmth and detailed care of our host were absolutely more than we could have ever hoped for.


The Chef who made me a special meal

I found myself in a quaint little restaurant recommended to me by the owner of the B&B, there was so much to choose from on their menu. Problem is that at the time I was still a vegetarian and all the dishes had meat or fish. I explained this to the waiter when I asked if I could have one of the dishes simply without the meat, just the vegetables and potatoes. I was so pleasantly surprised when my dish came to the table. The Chef had created magic! Well, not exactly magic of course but the closest thing to magic there is 😉 he had created a special little dish for me in such a short time. Deliciously seasoned Portobello mushrooms with a fine salad with different cheeses, fruits and nuts and it looked so beautiful on the plate too! He made that night so much more special.


Time to thank your own Journeymakers!

American Express Travel launched a Journeymakers website, a place dedicated to those (like the people I wrote about in this post) who made our vacations so memorable. Here you can send a personal note or share a social postcard to thank the people that made your vacation so amazing. Who were the people that helped to make your vacations so wonderful by going the extra mile? And what would you love to say to them? You can check out the website here;


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