The Macarons of Dana’s Bakery are a new favorite discovery of mine, there are a few things that really really set these Macarons apart from all others, the first one being that they can be delivered to your home, even on a monthly basis as a subscription box! My Macarons arrived carefully packaged in front of my door, the purple cooling bag even had a cooling pad in it! My variety box had 12 Macarons, (of which I couldn’t resist eating three already before I even got to photograph them ^^).

The next thing that sets these cookies apart are that they are kosher and gluten free, and here is a biggy, something that really really sets them apart; These French Macarons come in all American classic flavors like Red Velvet, Strawberry Shortcake, Cotton Candy, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Fruity Cereal (see all flavors here)! This together that you can order them online really makes me a fan. Also, every month there is a special “Mac of the Month” flavor, this months flavor is Cookies and Cream 😛 and there are specialty boxes like this months Easter Box. Another thing I really really want to try are the Macaron making kits! To make these delicious cookies myself 😛

ps. Dana’s Bakery also does custom flavors and special collaborations which makes them perfect for celebrations like baby showers and weddings, events, gifts and corporate outings. pps. They offer a 10% off code if you sign up for our email list.

I had soooo much fun photographing these Macarons and even more fun eating them ^^ We even got inspired to make “Macaron Strawberry & Blueberry Shakes”! xoxo

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