How beautiful are these rings? I’m soooo in love with the designs of Giardinoblu, a line of handmade jewelry in Milan, Italy by Francesca Mancini. The pieces are so pretty and organic, like some of Nature’s most delicate moments; like morning dew. I can look forever at the tiny dainty morning drops on leaves. It’s such a pure form of beauty. I really hope you check out Giardinoblu, there are so many gorgeous pieces and I think the prices are so good! I’m so curious what your favorite pieces are (I’m still very head over heels for the pearl rings too) xoxo

ps. I’m wearing the rose gold statement ring and the rose gold band ring

giardinoblu-2 giardinoblu-3 giardinoblu-4giardinoblu-6giardinoblu-8 giardinoblu-9

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