I’m 20 weeks pregnant and my belly is growing, growing, growing. Last week I finally felt baby kick and the kicks are so strong that Joey can feel them too! My body is changing too, the weight gain feels strange, the ticker hair is awesome and the body acne (seriously! wtf) is horrible, there is a glow and there are the first signs of stretch marks too… I’m pretty sure I will end up having more stripes than a Zebra, and you know what? I will love my Zebra battle baby scars 😛 I’m really enjoying every moment and the daily baby kicks make everything so much more special! I couldn’t close this dress anymore btw lol I had to leave the zipper open at the side but I really wanted to have some bump photos in this dress. xoxo ps. My big 20 week ultrasound is next Tuesday, I’m so nervous. Maybe we will know baby’s gender for sure this time ^^

Wearing; Urban Outfitters dress, Schutz Erlina sandals

growingbelly-2growingbelly-4growingbelly-3 growingbelly-5

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    July 21, 2016 at 8:03 am (4 years ago)

    Maybe we will know baby’s gender for sure this time ^^


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