I love nothing more than a home filled with pretty colors, flowers, plants and touches of green. But… Sadly… I don’t manage to keep many plants alive, too few well lit areas and too many pets (I’m talking to you Cats) that like to chew on leaves. I had a very precious little air plant that got murdered by our cats and I don’t even understand what happened to my orchids (obviously they died) So yes, I’m winging it with silk plants, flowers, some really feisty live plants and an occasional fresh bouquet. I think it’s this mix of fresh and silk plants that makes the decor look nice.

I was asked by Silk Plants Direct to review one of their plants and choose this beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchid. The Orchid came in this beautiful pot and the overlapping roots make it look so realistic, my Mother was visiting and couldn’t believe it was a silk plant! I love the color and texture (it has a slight waxy feel) of the petals and adore how the plant brights up our room without me having to worry if it’s in the right sun/shade and temperature! The quality is great and I absolutely love the weathered pot! I would love more plants to brighten up the darker nooks in our home and love how Silk Plants Direct is perfect for that! xoxo

The Silk Flowers are being provided by the good folks at 3d Wall Panels

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